Russel Abbott- vocals, gutiars
Derek Halfmann - guitars
Brent Boepple - bass
Trent Parker - drums, vocals

Originally formed in July of 1999, and drawing off of influences such as, The MC5, Blue Cheer, and latter day hero's Fue Manchu and Queens of the Stone Age, the Goat Ass wasted no time in joining the south Texas heavy scene. In the first year since it's inception, Super Heavy Goat Ass has neen very busy refining it's sound, not to mention performing with many great Texas bands such as Honky, Gahdzilla Motor Company, SSIK, Dixie Witch, Roller, The Riverboat Gamblers, and Archie Bunker. Through solid live performances and a good network of friends, Super Heavy Goat Ass has also performed with national acts, Spirit Caravan, Bottom, and Syrup. Continually kicking out the rock in a no frills, guitar driven sound, Super Heavy Goat Ass has solidified itself as part of the Texas rock scene.